If you want to level your character quickly, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve listed all the ways you can boost your EXP rate while going about activities, as well as the things you want to prioritise for those big EXP gains.

Of course, if you’ve got any tips and tricks to leveling up fast then don’t be afraid to let us know down in the comments below. We may even include it in this guide!

Please Defend Your Workshops In Fallout 76:

In Fallout 76, another type of event that could offer you a lot of XP is those where you need to protect a workstation - the places that you can claim temporarily to harvest raw materials.

As long as you claim a workstation, there is a small chance of an event triggering where hordes of enemies will attack and try to destroy everything you have constructed. Well, these events are usually a great way to farm levels, because you will normally gain around 224XP for a successful defense, and of course, plus whatever experience you get from the enemies you killed.Early-Game Quests: Quests don't offer that much XP once you reach the mid and high ranges of the level cap, but they're still an easy way for beginners to get started. The opening parts of the Overseer's Quest are super-easy, and they'll put you on a path toward unlocking better weapons and perks. Those gains slow fairly quickly, but they're still worth mentioning.

In Fallout 76 game, creatures like the Opossum and Radroach will only give you two or three experience points per kill, and it would be a nuisance when they are attacking in massive numbers. To take them down, you might need to take an extra couple of hits. But for a weak feral ghoul is worth five times as much XP than those creatures.

Every enemy in Fallout 76 has several variants or ranks, which will decide how much XP you can get from them once they die. For instance, the basic scorched enemies will net you 13XP, while other kinds like the Scorched Conqueror and Scorched Wanderer will offer you 224XP and 28XP separately.

Fundamentally, all you want to do is locate these higher-ranked enemies to farm them for more XP. And the rule is, the further east you go, the better the quality of enemies you’ll come across, so it’s a pretty good idea to visit areas like the Savage Divide or the Toxic Valley to capture them.

Don't Worry About Dying: In Fallout 76, there's almost no penalty for dying. That being said, as you go on your killing spree, don't be afraid to take risks. The level difference may seem scary, but it's often something you can overcome with skillful play. Passive calls won't give you XP

Play With Teams: Certain Charisma perks, like Inspirational, offer percentage XP boosts as long as you play on a team. That doesn't mean you need to roam the wasteland together all the time, only that it helps to ask a friend or rando to be on a team while you stay on the server. This allows you to earn XP exponentially faster than you would have otherwise.

Sleeping And Eating Will Also Help You Level Fast In Fallout 76:

A lot of Fallout 76 players should know that they can get XP bonuses from sleeping and eating. By sleeping for a very long period of time (in real-life just a couple of minutes) you can have a Rested or if you are lucky enough, you even can get a Well-Rested bonus that improves your XP gain. In this game, you'd better sleep in a real bed, up off the ground, which will help you avoid diseases. Besides, you will finally also be able to start cooking food that offers XP bonuses.

Consume The Right Food: Specific consumables also offer timed XP boosts, and they're found fairly often in the open world. Be on the lookout for Canned Meat Stew, Cranberry Cobbler, Cranberry Relish, Squirrel Stew and Cranberry Juice. Use these foods strategically as you fight high-XP enemies during a Well-Rested Bonus period.

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