Copper wiring has been around for many years and is still commonly used today. With copper wiring, you are presented with a number of different benefits. If you plan on doing any wiring in the near future, Copper Magnet Wire should most likely be in your plans. Here are a few of the many benefits that you can get by using copper wiring in your wiring project.

High Conductivity

Surpassed only by silver, copper is a highly conductive metal. This means electricity can pass through it with greater ease, making it ideal for use in electrical wires. Companies can use other conductive metals to create electrical wires. Unless they use silver, though, the high conductivity properties of copper allow for a greater distance of electrical current travel. Companies can create longer, better performing electrical wires using copper instead of most other conductive metals.

Corrosion Resistance

Copper has a low reactivity rating. In turn, this means it has a high corrosion resistance which reduces the risk of deterioration and failure. For connection purposes, this ensures a strong link and reliability over the years. And, for budget conscious environments, it minimises the need for costly and repeat replacements.


Out of all of the different metals and wire out there, copper is the best conductor out of all of them. You can get more power in a piece of copper than with any other option you have. This makes it efficient and helps you get the job done better than you could otherwise.

Canot Control Electrical Surges

Copper wires are not normally able to perform well with very exact amounts of electrical charges. For example, when used in automotive parts or semi-conductors. They don’t offer the stability needed to minimise electrical surges and, thereby, minimising damage.

Easy to Work With

Most electricians prefer to work with copper wiring because it is very easy to work with. You can strip it easily, pull it through tight spots, and not have to worry about surface oxides forming on it. It truly is the best choice for wiring a building.

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